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3PM Music Review - Slow Me Down

“3PM is a pop punk/rock band from Baltimore, Maryland and are soon releasing their sophmore album Slow Me Down on August 15th. The trio has recently increased hype throughout their performances at Warped Tour and also collaboration projects/performances. At first, Slow Me Down feels like your typical Yellowcard or Sum 41, but as the album progressed the talent was clearly shown through how well these three friends blend their fortes. 3PM resurrects the nostalgia of 90’s pop punk adding distinctive modern rock overtones. 

Slow Me Down is an exceptional album, not to mention the collaboration with well-known producer, Paul Leavitt (Engineered All Time Low, Mastered Senses Fail, Engineered Mixed and Produced Dangerous Summer, etc.). Brandon Millman (drums), Brennon Stark (vocals/bass), and Scott Montgomery (lead guitar) all use their abilities to create not only a unique style but also a unique pop punk/rock sound. Tuneful, catchy, and tasteful melodies with high quality recordings truly express their seriousness as a band. These guys are shooting for the stars. Brennon sings in a rich tone that lends expressiveness to the lyrics. Brandon’s beats are on point. He is always keeping it interesting by slowing it down and then picking it right back up. Scott, an accomplished guitar player, puts the texture in 3PM. He plays in a tattered distortion with a lot of chucks to keep the beat of the song rolling, working side-by-side with Brandon on the drums for a consistent rhythm. 

3PM is an extraordinary trio in the sense that they have just the right balance of instrumental variety. Each band member knows how to generate a mixture of sensations whether it is a slower heartfelt sound as in “Moving day” or a powerfully excited song like “This Is Right”, they will make your emotions turn one way or another through the use of their instruments. Having only a bass, lead guitar, and drums keeps the songs to the point and memorable. 3PM is technical yet a distinctive pop punk/rock band and is up and coming.”
-Ben Bonham
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