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48 Hour Film Festival August 20th!

Architect Stephen O'Farrel fights against his tragedies and faults as he finds himself in a journey to a whole new world! 

Dark Comedy!
Featuring Chris Gagner, Roni Brandt, Adam Pupchek, Melanie Lech, Taylor Balatsias and many many more!

Directed by Robert Houseman, Produced by Mark Borja and photography by Nick Clemens

The compelling story of profound architect Stephen O'Farrell who devastates the lives of many when his finest craft collapses. He looks back at his life to figure out what went wrong and what he must do now to come back from his greatest failure. 

Check it out at the 48 Hour Film Festival playing at Mcglohon Theatre in Charlotte, NC on August 20th  and buy the tickets to the showing of this film and many more right here: 

Directed by Robert Houseman, Produced by Mark Borja, and photography by Nick Clemens

Featuring Christopher Gagnon, Adam Pupchek, Taylor Balatsias, Roni Brandt, Kat Thompson, Ben Bonham and Melanie Lech!

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