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Risvegliareco Fashion Show 2016

One of the finest events in Charlotte so far, something that really showed the underground culture and how much it has grown in this beautiful city. From seeing models, photographers, brands, and artists work their way up in the industry to seeing small gatherings grow to even bigger events where a conglomerate of creative individuals come together to connect and create something beautiful and greater than themselves. It drives me to do the same exact thing with what I want to do in life. It's beautiful and it can only get better and better as we continue to grow as a community.

My buddies Alex, Conor and KT came out with me to this special event to observe the variety of different brands show off their hard work with a variety of models from all shapes and sizes while simultaneously having amazing photographers show off their work as their shots were printed along the white walls in this small facility just outside the city. What was even better was the fact that my great photographer friend, Lauren was also there dressed in a beautiful long green dress and our shots from our Halloween shoot with Chase and Princess were hanging along her set of shots in display! I met some awesome photographers such as @mffphotography @lura_photography and @byfw who are both working so hard on their craft to create a beautiful culture as we know it today. 

Needless to say, even my friends Ocean and Tori were walking in the fashion show too! So it was a must for us to come out and represent! It was amazing to see even musicians come out and play a couple songs in front of the crowd! Check out these photos and enjoy your wonderful Thanksgiving!

- @marknow

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