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48 Hour Film Success!

This weekend was wild! And I'm so glad to say it's finally over! We got a new film that we made in collaboration with NXC and Robert Houseman Productions this year for the 48 Hour Film Festival and needless to say, it was an amazing experience! Got a whole team of amazing actors and crew members that are defintely something to remember! Check out our Behind the Scenes photos right here! We will also be releasing a trailer for the film as it comes out at the McGlohon Theatre on the Thursday of August 20th!

Special thanks to everyone involved!
Roni Brandt, Ben Bonham, Courtney Williams, Chris Gagnon, JD, Melanie Lech, Robert Houseman, Taylor Balatsias, Kat Thompson, Adam Pupchek, Ryan Wilson, Tyler Moore, Nick Clemens, Riley Patterson, and Alex Wagenaar! 

- Mark Borja

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