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Lea Mcquade #MYCALVINS Set #2

So I've known Lea Mcquade for several years now, ever since I met her at club Phoenix my freshman year of college. When I met her I was taking photos at the venue and I snapped a photo of her and automatically I knew she had skill! From there on we were trying to figure out a day for us to shoot however it took years for us to figure it out! So we finally did over the summer and we were able to get another set in before the end of the year. She's always amazing to work with because of her personality and her credibility among us a lot of photographers that I've known throughout my career! She's got big plans and so do I, for next year I really hope we can plan something big! Hope you guys enjoy these photos and give her a follow on Instagram! 


- @marknow & @leam14

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