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Tales of the Scary Kind: Lex Paige’s Bloody House of Purgatory

It was a late and foggy night, four teenagers were out for for Halloween sights...

Lexi and her gang of photographers, Mark, Tory and a boy named Tilly Wingle heard of the stories of fright and spite. The daunting tales of the House of Purgatory drew the crew to get a clue. We hear the story now from Lex Paige's new found glory...

Ugh.. that boy, Tilly Wingle, he shouts... "Where are we going?? The House of Purgatory? F#$% that F@#$% no! I'm too scared to go..." 
Lexi she shrugs as she struts down the rut. Through the forest, through the muck all the four said f$%# 

It got darker and darker with a small light from afar.

Lexi she thinks again once more...

"What we thought could never happen...unfortunately did. An innocent wander in the woods with her friends, turned into bloody mess that they will never forget. As Lex Paige decided to take the path that both Tory, Tilly and Mark did not..."

She arose closer and closer to the mansion from a far. Lex said,"ooh what's this, I wonder? Come on, guys let's go!"

"F#$%# No! Let's not go!" Mark yelled out in a fright.. He looked back at Tory and Tilly, they looked pale as white.

"What guys?? It'll be fun! Stop being such p@#$%ies..." Lex barked back.

Tory whispered out, "Oh lord, this isn't good..."

Lex walks up to the door, she knocked... and knocked. The other three stayed far back from the doorway, from the sidewalk and the fence in fair. 

Impatiently waiting, Lex knocks once more.
The door swings wide open, Lex gets pulled right in. The other three screamed, "WTF what happened!?"

Lex's voice screeches in pain they hear a slice and a dice...
Tory, Mark and Tilly stare into the utter blackness of the door for a moment, then all of a sudden... 

The guttural growls and groans, of a half-dead Lex walks alone.. Blood all over her face and an axe in her hand. They screamed and screamed, and ran for their lives. Looking back just once to see the bloody galore.. Taking a picture or two to savor the bloody adore, their bodies were never found... This is the tale and here is the proof, Mark, Tory and Tilly, their spirits live on under that old roof. Looks like it will be another foggy late night, so beware of the Bloody House of Purgatory, you just might hear the creaky old axe swing through the woods. 


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