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Belligerent Apparel & 61616 Day

We've been working with Belligerent Apparel for quite some time now... Ever since we started ourselves! It is definitely amazing to see how much we've grown together as we take on Charlotte, NC. Austin Tomasello has some big moves for his company and 61616 Day is the culmination of it! 

June 16th, 2016 will be the day of reckoning as each year the 616 crew celebrates the awesome year while showing off some new product!

Check the event page out as  6 different artists come together and playing awesome tunes as everyone drinks and celebrates at Hattie's in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC!

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with this video! 
Austin Tomasello @austinbelligerent616
Belligerent Apparel @getbelligerent
Jake Conyers @jaketheripper616
Jordan Lee @jlee009

Scarykind Crew
Mark Borja @marknow & Roni Brandt @ronibrandt

Especially Ellie Payne! Give her a follow! @payne.ellie 

To see the photos from this shoot:

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