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Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project 2016

One girl, one road, and a trail of destruction left in her wake as Ever hitchhiker her way across the country to California. Who knows who she will meet along the way. Starring Jamie Elizabeth, Kal Shrouder, Kenneth Trujillo, Hannah Lori, Jynx Guthrie, Dani Vien, Tracy Wread, David Acevedo, Jordan Lee, and Kristen Henderlong. 

This film was created of over the August 12-14th weekend which was too wild for comfort and a whole lot of drama. If only you could be there for the entire process! Creating films is amazing and we are so glad to have done it again this year. Although we didn't win anything this year, we will continue to make badass films again and again for this!

Regardless, we hope you enjoy!

Check out our behind the scenes of the entire weekend!