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Counter Point 2015

Scarykind and Radio Free Charlotte came together to capture an amazing experience of a life time. 

One of the most amazing and excited experiences you could ever take a ride on. Everyone is raving, everyone is wild and having a great time. The music, the lights and the life is rushing around you like a city of its own. Even the camp grounds is full of life and everyone is getting to know eachother. The most amazing thing to see was the creation of "Tribes" groups of people who continuously go to festivals together and raise their flag high to show who they are and what they represent! 

It brought me to realize what I want to create and what I want to fulfill as I continue to travel across the world and spread my love and care for what I do and what I do best! Create my own tribe and travel the world with my tribe and have an amazing wild ride at all the festivals I attend! 

With Scarykind, we are always on the move! And we are always experiencing the world and capturing it through our lens. We are glad that you guys enjoy what we do and we will keep going on and exploring further with each step we take. 

- Mark Borja, CEO.

Counter Point 2015