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Dreamers + Doers

Urban Outfitter's Dreamers and Doers Start Up Contest

Through the power of Squarespace, Urban Outfitters is providing Scarykind and thousands of other creative, driven entrepreneurs a chance to make it big! They are offering an opportunity to aid the start-up of small businesses across the country, Thank you guys for giving us a shot!

If Scarykind is chosen for Urban Outfitters' "Dreamers + Doers," we will push further and stronger, adventuring to unexplored horizons. We will expand our company and provide a more powerful voice for the underground scene to assist local artists, brands, nonprofit organizations, and other individuals in surrounding areas. By building our platform with a stable structure, we will push to expand the Scarykind Family through our products, events, and overall outreach with clients/friends to shape a better future for the local scene. Winning would allow us to achieve the dreams that never seemed possible -- creating great content, releasing products including a clothing line, and more importantly, helping people spread their art to the world. Our dream is to build dreams together and provide the voice for those who never got a shot at chasing their dreams -- Coexistence & Collaboration over Competition Any Day!