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Heart Meter at Google Fiber

So for the past couple months, my Public Relations team and I have been helping with Andrew Jenkins on a social media campaign for Heart Meter's newest projects. Recently on November 20th, I visited Andrew at yet another Pop Up Game Day at the Google Fiber building in Charlotte, NC. Right in the center of uptown, Charlotte, it is a beautiful sight to see how much this city has grown. 

Much like the city, Heart Meter has too; showing so much impact and strength with all Andrew's supporters. Having food from Joe's Doughnuts and video games on the Wii U and Virtual Reality  provided. It gave me goosebumps just seeing what potential this city and what Andrew has prepared himself for. In 2017, we're gonna be revealing what we've working on an awesome project with Andrew soon! I cannot wait to show you what we've been working on since August! Hope you guys enjoy!

Mark Borja