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Open Minds Music x Scarykind

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All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer Akos Major.

They have a dream to not only better themselves but to touch the heart & souls of everyone around them. We're on the same page with these guys, working hard towards a dream to not only strive for success as an individual but to create something that will be everlasting as a team. Because it's not an individual's success that leaves something behind for everyone, it's the success and passion of each member who can be apart of something greater than themselves can we build something that can be meant for the world. After we parted ways, I learned something that day... Stick to your word, if you want the best that the world has to offer; offer the world your best."

- Mark Borja

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"To empower youth going in the right direction to keep going and bring others with them, joining the movement towards positivity, anti-bullying, social acceptance and race equality.” The motto by Open Minds Music, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. This group of young and ambitious hip hop artists are on the verge of greatness with their power of music and beats. Meeting these three individuals was awesome; after getting to know them while we filmed this project with them together, I can already tell that they're more than just their music.