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Neon Music Festival 2015-2016

Promo for 2015

Your favorite form of free expression with the Art and Music you love! This is THE getaway Summer festival that includes all your favorite acts from Burn and Camp Neon, plus some new friends to add to the wonderful experience!

The first CAMP NEON, August of 2011, we formed a family like community coming straight from the love, and the energy circled around what music means to all of us. We have molded that into a LIVE audio/visual experienced with help from of some of the BEST talent in North Carolina and surrounding states just for you. 

As you enter Neon at Copper Mine Farm, any burner, rager, or EDM-lover will find the stresses of modern life drift away as we have carefully hand-selected artists that offer a proper mix Electronic Music Genres. From Old-school to Contemporary, we showcase artists playing ALL genres that you love! Take the time to go through the selected artists on our event page and hear what music they will be playing for you. 

Let's get this straight, you will not find this in a club, some fancy bar, or any kind of venue. No "indoor event" can come close to what we consider more of an experience instead of a show! As you slowly lose yourself among the beautiful landscape, the CAMP NEON FAMILY's energy, and the awe-inspiring music, we are certain you'll realize what we are all about. 

We take pride in being a home-grown festival set apart from other standards set by national festival hosts. We invite you to experience our family that accepts you for who you are, and who you want to be.

Welcome back to your family gathering. Welcome Home.

IG: Neon_Music_Festivals

Thank you to all that have supported Neon for this 5 year anniversary! Special thanks to Neon Black Clothing, Bass Bunny Productions, Dreams Come True Entertainment, Shenanigan Society, SPENT Entertainment, and Carolina Committee for their interviews.

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