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Once More Around The Sun

Scarykind is taking on another film festival this November 22nd, 2014 in Charlotte, NC with their new experimental film "Once More Around The Sun." The 100 Word Film Festival is a competition in Charlotte where each film submitted by each team must tell a story with ONLY 100 words. Ronald, Ben, Taylor and I worked together on an extremely emotional piece about loss and victory over that loss. A fantastic visual story through the eyes of a man and his thought process in overcoming the loss of what he holds dearly to him the most. 
We spent all last September working on this project and we are extremely excited with the piece and we hope you guys like it as well! If you want to come out and support us, put down on your calendar November 22! at 7pm! The website is right here and buy the tickets in this link as well! There are only a small number of reserved seats so get at em soon! 
- Mark Borja