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"Collaboration & Coexistence over Competition... Any Day"

Scarykind is an art & culture online media team that works in photography, cinematography, graphic design, writing and marketing. We utilize our skill sets to aid local clothing brands, artists, musicians and various companies on their road to success. We work together because teamwork brings us closer and closer to our goal--being awesome and sharing our moments with everyone. WE CATER TO YOU so you can build your brand from modelling, to music, to image, to events, to anything else! If you are interested in working with us in any project such as short films, photo shoots, logo design, videos, etc., feel free to contact us at 

Average price for portfolio shoots: $100

Average price for Music Videos $400

Average for Event Coverage $150

Including video for Events $200

Video Coverage with edit $250

In the meantime, check out our blog and the various albums of collaborations we've made so far below!

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