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Renaissance Festival 2016

It has been years since I have been to the Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NC and honestly, I couldn't have been happier for finaly coming back. My girlfriend (@Jessbowman30) and I attended the wonderful event full of excitement, music and food; hundreds of men, women and children were dressed up in such wild and thematic costumes. It's amazing to see how much dedication each individual has to creating their own character in this world of enchantment and epic quests. 

We even had a guide for our journey to show us all the ropes! From mimosas and beer to roasted almonds and giant turkey legs; there was so much to go around for us to enjoy the entire day. 

Entertainers and performers of all kinds, dressed up as werewolves, to fairies, to knights and dwarfs. There was no end to the beautiful adventure. We're coming out with a video for this very soon so I hope you guys come out and enjoy this amazing experience before it ends after this weekend of the 20th of November! 
Check out ticket prices and more information right here!

And enjoy the photos!

- @Marknow