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Warped Tour 2015

Episode 11

The Scarykind crew kicks back with Splitbreed from Las Vegas at Warped Tour 2015 at Charlotte, NC

Episode 10

Our SKTV host Alexis Zarycki, kicks it with upcoming and wild party band, New Beat Fund looking back at their experience during Warped Tour 2015!

Episode 9

Still continuing our awesome Warped Tour chill sessions with the many and amazing bands like Silverstein for example. Yes, they played us on names like how they pulled switching names on Lexi but that's all good! Conversations and chilling out with the lead vocals, Shane and Josh who actually does play guitar! Either way, check out the video! It was a blast and we still got 4 more videos comin out for you guys!
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Check Silverstein out right here!

Episode 8

Ronald Maximillian and Ray Gun Combs kick it with the crew from Our Last Night at Warped Tour Charlotte! Take a look on how we do with this crew!

Episode 7

Our host Roni Brandt kicks back with Lou from Palisades and they talk about their new start at Warped Tour 2015! Check it out! 
Coming up next: Our Last Night!

Episode 6

Scarykind and the Warped Tour Crew got an awesome chance to sit down with the fresh and lively musical group, Onward, etc!

Onward, etc. is a musical project put together by Rosco Wuestewald. Leaving the midwest at an early age, he started a journey traveling around the world which has developed into a project known as Onward, etc. The project connects musicians located throughout the country, enabling each tour and show be completely unique based on the different band members and the location of the stage. As with anything alive with electricity, permanent members have been picked up along the way. 

"I don't really know how to begin to explain life on the road. The door opens, the key turns, the engine screams, the tires roll, the rubber burns, the scenery changes, the sky fades, the city arrives, people alive, the stage awaits, curtain call and the show goes on. Day after day after day. The show must go on." - Rosco Wuestewald    [Onward, Etc.]

Episode 5

SK Host Roni Brandt kicks it with the band from Sheffield, United Kingdom called While She Sleeps about their experience at Warped Tour! And about their experiences in the US!
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Episode 4

Warped Tour is all about new artists, here we meet Meghann Wright from Brooklyn, NY about her first experience this year touring with Warped!

Episode 3

Our host Roni Brandt and SKTV kick back with the owner of Then Now Always to talk about how they started out and what's next for them after Warped Tour! These guys are incredible for what they do and it is sure amazing to see how much they have grown, We've supported them throughout the years and we are so stoked for you guys to check this out!

Episode 2

The Warped Tour Crew from Scarykind kicks back for a moment with the awesome and young Pop Punk Band, 3PM from Boston, Maryland!

Episode 1

Scarykind and the crew takes on Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC at the PNC Pavillion! We interview bands from Senses Fail to Palisades to Our Last Night! We even got the chance  to meet the founder of Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman! Kick back and enjoy our awesome experience as we start up our web-series "Mosh & Roll" starting up next week! 

Music by August Burns Red "Identity" and "Marathon"
Palisades "Mind Games"
Our Last Night "The Air I Breathe"